About the Artist

About The Lantern

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Ruby. She lived in a frozen land with her nomadic tribe. One day she discovered a cave and inside that cave there grew the only tree she'd ever seen.

That night a wizard arrived in a strange flying machine. He spoke of doom, giants and a feirce dragon that would end the world.

This is how the saga of Ruby begins as she stows away on 'The Lantern' and discovers the myths of her tribe hide a terrible truth!


Hello, I'm Michael Vance. I'm a writer and visual artist working in Ireland. I'm producing a selection of projects such as 'The Lantern' and 'The Child's World.

I'm also the founder and director of Moving Myth Studio, a visual art production studio.

If you enjoy my work and like to support it, please visit my Ko-Fi page.

If you'd like to get involved with the Moving Myth Studio, please contact me at info@movingmyth.com